Development team of Technaq

Technaq one of the most trusted and experienced web design and web development companies. We have an experienced technical team from the construction of a primary web site to rigorous web application production and a marketing campaign & SEO. Brands & businesses can look nice online with their websites to welcome their customers and have a friendly device-wide user experience.

Teamwork is essential in the IT industry, and teamwork delivers and outstanding results. We have the best production teams to give our consumers the best support.

We provide high-quality services for web development and digital marketing that enhance all kinds of enterprises' situation. Our committed and creative team of young people work tirelessly to improve solutions using the new technologies and system. As a leading technology firm, our team is still a viable company to deliver on their desires through our cutting edge technology.

On-time delivery

Our developers understand the importance of time and the time limit is very precise. We work hard tirelessly to carry out a project on schedule.

Team of experts

We have experience creating lots of websites for businesses worldwide.


We assume that no corporation should operate without faith and strictly follow our morality in trustworthy customer relationships outside contracts and technologies.


Our Team Members

Sameer Alam


Javed Ansari

HR Manager

Shuprakash Paul

Senior Developer

Ravishanker Sharma

Web Developer

Neha Verma

Business Development Executive

Shabuddin Ansari

Web Designer

Vaibhav Saxena

Web Designer

Shahil Khan

Business Development Executive

Vaishali Parihar

Business Development Executive

Anushree Goyal

Business Development Executive